Skin Care Tips Gym Junkies Must Swear By

Hitting the gym can work wonders for your skin. It helps boost blood circulation that helps your skin glow from within, while also purifying your skin and letting your skin breathe. However, the irony is that hitting the gym can equally wreak havoc on your skin, if you do not follow a proper skin care regime.

Here are a few skin care tips that every Gym Junkie must swear by

1. Swear by hydration
Beauty comes from within. There is nothing worse than having dehydrated skin. Sweating it out in the gym can tend to dehydrate you. It is important that you drink water before you workout and while working out as well.

2. Pre workout skin care
One of the gravest mistakes that you can do is, working out with make up on. It is important that you let your skin breathe, during your workout to avoid clogged pores. Avoid skincare products that are heavy and opt for light skincare.

3. Always shower post workout

Not showering post workout is like a cardinal skin care sin. When you workout, your body tends to sweat, which causes excess sebum and body toxins to surface. If you do not take a shower post workout, not only will your body give out bad odour but also result in skin woes.

4. Indulge in Body Exfoliation
Your body tends to generate new skin cells faster when you workout, this also means that the dead skin cells accumulation tends to be more. A full body exfoliation treatment will help you get rid of all the dead skin acculumation and leave you with healthy, flawless and glowing skin.

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5. Unwanted Body Hair is a Big No- No
Unwanted body hair is the worst thing, especially when you are someone who works out regularly. Unwanted body hair increases the chances of bacteria, fungal infections and other skin woes. Waxing is the best hair removal techniques as it uproots unwanted body hair and gets rid of dead skin cells.
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6. Do not forget Hair care
Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin. Never skip your dry shampoo before you workout. This not only prevents your hair from looking sweaty and greasy, but also makes you wash your hair less frequently.

7. Do not skip the sanitizer
No matter how high the hygiene standards of your gym are, your gym is a hub for bacteria and ten thousand different germs. Always keep a sanitizer handy and use it before and after you touch any gym equipement. Opt for non alcoholic sanitizers as they do dry out your skin.

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