How To Make Waxing A Painless Affair

Yes! You read it right. It is possible to have a painless waxing session.The agony of unwanted body hair is something all women are familiar with. It is such a sore sight, not to mention it often ends up dictating our fashion choices. How many times have you avoided wearing a sleeveless outfit or a midi dress because you haven’t waxed? Well, I’m sure you don’t even remember the count. Therefore, getting rid of unwanted body hair at the earliest is important & what better way to do than waxing. If you have been avoiding waxing because of how painful it is, then wowffers has got you covered.
Here are a few ways in which you can make waxing painless
1. Exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin before waxing can work wonders. Exfoliation helps get rid of all the dead skin cells and also gets rid of ingrown hair, which makes the hair come off more easily & in a less painful manner. Exfoliate your skin at least 48 or 24 hours before waxing.
2. Avoid Moisturizers
Sure Moisturizers are the best thing that can happen to your skin, but not when you have a waxing session waiting for you. Moisturizers create an upper layer on your skin, which makes it difficult for the wax to pull off the hair, thereby making the process painful. Avoid applying moisturizers on the places where you are going to get waxed at least 12-24 hours before.
3. Skip Waxing If You Are Menstruating
When you are menstruating, your skin tends to be extremely sensitive towards pain. Getting a wax done during menstruation will just add to overall pain. Make sure your waxing session is not planned at least 2 days before your menstruation date & during your menstruation.
4. Wax Regularly
The longer the hair, the more it is going to hurt. Therefore, it is important that you don’t wait for the hair to grow completely and rather get rid of it as soon as it reaches the waxable growth stage, which would be ¼ of an inch.
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5. Distract Yourself
Listening to calm and soothing music, while getting waxed helps you take your mind off the pain. This is also the reason why most salons play such music. So, the next time you head for waxing, make sure you keep your playlist ready.
6. Pamper Your Skin Post Waxing
Post waxing is non-negotiable, you ought to take care of your skin post waxing. Applying aloe vera post waxing helps soothe & calm the skin, thereby reducing any redness & swelling. It is also important that avoid wearing tight clothes, excessive sun exposure or the use of alcohol & scented products post waxing.

Happy Waxing To You!!

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