How Is Good Friday Good, If Jesus Died On The Cross?

Good Friday is the day when Jesus died on the cross. He wore a crown full of thorns, he was spat on and beaten in the most miserable way, only to be crucified to death. So, what makes Good Friday good afterall?
Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross is the very foundation on which the catholic religion is based on. Catholics consider Jesus’s death as the ultimate sacrifice that saved the world and its people from their sins. Most people find this concept rather difficult to understand, let’s simplify it. Just how a soldier sacrifices his life for the nation, Jesus sacrificed his life for the people to save them from the sin. Therefore,  Friday (The day Jesus died on the cross) is considered as Good Friday.
Good Friday, is indeed a significant day for catholics around the globe. Considering the fact that the word “good” is mentioned before Friday, one might think there might be some sort of celebration attached to this day. Where as the reality is the exact opposite. Catholics mourn the death of Jesus on Good Friday. The Celebration begins on Easter Sunday, it is the day when Jesus was resurrected. This day is seen as a ray of hope and a new beginning to life after death. On this day, catholics also break their 40 days fast by eating meat that they abstain from during the Lenten period.

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