Holy Grail Tips To Follow For HAPPY HOLI

Holi is the most colourful festival, that brightens up even the dullest days and drives away all the blues. Considering all the excitement surrounding Holi, one can get carried away with the spirit and neglect holi care tips. Make the most of the festival of colours, without letting the colours affect your Holi Fun.

Here are a few Holi Tips that you need to keep in mind

1. Oil And Braid
Taking care of your hair is of utmost importance as it is more prone to damage. To prevent your hair from hair damage, oiling your hair is a must. Make sure you oil your hair few hours before, focusing on your scalp to tips. It is also important to braid your hair, to prevent tangles and knots. Oiling your hair not only acts as a shield from colour damage, but also helps you get rid of the colour easily.

2. Say No To White
Yes! You read that right. Wearing white is a big no-no. Firstly, getting rid of colour stains from white fabrics is a task. Secondly, most white fabrics tend to be transparent and stick to your body and that’s not something that you want. Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid white or rather light colours in general and opt for darker colours. Preferably, black or blue.

3. Moisturization Is A Must
Use a water resistant moisturizer with a high SPF. Keep applying the moisturizer every 2-3 hours. Using a moisturizer prevents the skin damage from colours and also prevents tan lines.

4. Refrain From Pre Holi Salon And Spa Indulgences
Now, this is something no one tells you. One must avoid salon and spa services like waxing, bleaching, body scrubs, body polishing and other services. Your skin tends to be sensitive post such treatments. However, you can indulge in spa and salon services post holi. Body exfoliation and polishing treatments can work wonders as it can help get rid of the colour and reverses damage, if any.

5. Post Holi Care
Post Holi Care is as important as pre holi care. You can use a gentle body wash or body scrub. Aloe Vera gel can soothen the skin and reduce skin irritation, if any.

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