Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Every time you think of a massage, in most cases you either think of a relaxing head massage or full body massage. Foot Massage tends to be the least of your concerns, now right there, is a grave mistake that you are making. A simple foot massage can work more wonders than you can imagine and its power shall not be underestimated. Once you learn the wonders that a foot massage can work, there will be no turning back.

Here are a few benefits of a Foot Massage
1. Bye Bye Foot aches

At the end of a long and hectic day, your feet are bound to ache. What better way to relax your feet and bid adios to foot aches, than by indulging in a foot massage. It helps improve blood circulation & release muscle knots, which helps leave you with Happy Feet.

2. Reduces Stress
A good foot reflexology is one of the most de stressing activities that you can indulge in. It helps you relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself, while letting go of all your stress completely. Foot Reflexologycan also improve overall mental health by reducing depression, tension & anxiety. 

3. Helps You Sleep Better
Your feet have multiple pressure points that are connected to different parts of your body, through the nervous system. Applying the right pressure on these pressure points helps you relax, thereby helping you sleep better at night.

4. Boosts Energy Levels
Foot Reflexology helps enhance organ function which helps boosts energy levels and metabolism greatly. Reflexology also helps release endorphins (feel good hormones) which helps boost overall energy levels greatly.

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