7 Must Have Essentials In Your Gym Bag

You might have your gym look on point, but until you have your gym bag perfectly packed with all the essentials, you aren’t gym ready. There’s nothing worse than hitting the gym, only to have an “Uh-Oh” moment to realize that you have forgotten something at home. Therefore, make sure you have all the gym essentials in your bag before you leave for the gym.

Here are 7 must have essentials that you need to have in your gym bag
1. Water Bottle

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! It is all about Hydration. Staying hydrated isn’t an option, but a necessity because there is nothing worse than dehydration. Always having a water bottle with you is one of the best ways of staying hydrated at all times.

2. Towel
Working out it in the gym, means sweating it out like nobody’s business. It is important that you wipe off all the sweat that’s on your body, to prevent bacteria build-up, infection and breakouts. Make sure you wash your towels as often as possible to maintain hygiene.

3. Deodorant
Where there’s sweat, there is going to be smell & not a pleasant smell indeed. Invest in a good Deodorant, that has a strong and long lasting fragrance that can kill the smell. Make sure the deodorant stays in your gym bag at all times.

4. Hand Sanitizers
No matter how high the hygiene standards of the gym are. There is going to be bacteria everywhere. You can’t prevent it, but you can sure fight it with a good hand sanitizer, that kills all the unwanted bacteria leaving you bacteria free.

5. Pre Workout & Post Workout Foods
This is one of the most important gym essentials, yet highly neglected. Protein bars, protein shakes or even some healthy fruits make up for some great pre workout and post workout foods.

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