6 ways to make heads turn this Navratri

The most awaited festive season of Navratri is here. Besides worshiping
Goddess Durga and fasting, “Dandiya and Garba nights” play an
essential role in adding to the overall festivity. The festival goes on for 9
days, which means 9 new outfits everyday with 9 new looks. Make a
striking statement everyday as we let you in on the secrets that will
make you stand out in the crowd.

Here are 6 ways in which you can make heads turn this Navratri.

1. Make every outfit count
A great outfit stands out of the crowd immediately and effortlessly.
Make the most of the festive season colors like Green and Red, which
bring out the true essence of Navratri. Opt for more vibrant tones with
different patterns and watch heads turn with every step.

2. Swear by waterproof makeup
Dancing your heart out to the tunes of Garba and Dandiya can make
you sweat. The last thing you want is for your eye makeup to drool all
over your face. Opt for waterproof or sweat proof makeup to ensure
that your make up stays intact while you dance your heart out.

3. Accessorize wisely
Over accessorizing can kill your look and make you look overdressed.
Don’t flaunt all your Navratri collection on one day, you’ve got 9 days.
Flaunt one accessory at a time.
ie. On one day, let your earning make the statement while on the next
day let your neckpiece do the talking. Don’t forget to make sure that
your accessories go hand in hand with your outfit.

4. Flaunt your back
Nothing makes a striking statement like a beautiful back. Navratri is all
about faulting your back with beautiful blouses. Your back tends to be
the most neglected part of your body, it is only during Navratri that you
realize its importance. Opting for Back Treatments can work wonders. It
helps you get rid of all the dead skin and makes your back look flawless.
5. Choose Easy Hairstyles
A right Hairstyle that compliments your outfit and face cut is only going
to help you slay your Navratri look. Make sure you don’t go for
hairstyles that are too fancy, rather opt for simple hairstyles. You can
either leave your hair open or opt for hairstyles like fishtail braids,
ponytails, buns or curls.

6. Put your best forward
While you’ve got your entire outfit figured out, don’t forget your
footwear. Most women make the mistake of wearing high heels and
realize the blunder only when their legs start hurting after all the
dancing. Make sure you don’t go for heels that are too high. You can
either opt for mini heels or flats. Whatever floats your boat.

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