20 Gifts That You Can Gift For Christmas

What are you waiting for? Christmas?  Wait no more because the advent countdown has already begun, bringing in a lot of merry and joy. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
It is also the season of receiving and giving gifts, while we accept gifts with open arms, picking the right gift for others can be daunting task. If you’re running out of ideas but still want to wear the crown of the ultimate gift giver, then we’ve got 20 different gifting ideas that you can gift this Christmas Season.

1. Wine
Where there is Celebration, there is WINE. What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than by gifting wine. If gifting a bottle of wine seems a bit too heavy on the pocket, then you can also opt for miniature bottles while keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

2. Salon Packages
Whether you are a man or a woman, you aren’t Christmas Ready until you’ve made a trip to the salon. Looking your best for Christmas, followed by New Year tops everybody’s priority list. Therefore, a Salon Package is one of the best gifts that you can give.

3. Home Decor
Decorating your home during Christmas plays an integral role in the overall celebration of Christmas. Gifting Home decor can add a touch of style to one’s home during the festive season.

4. DIYs
Christmas Gifts aren’t always about expensive gifts.  Handmade DIY gifts help add a personal touch and are a wonderful way to show that you care. There are various DIY gifts that you can try that are not only easy to make but also extremely pocket friendly.

5. Jewellery
Jewellery is timeless and is considered one of the best gifts since the beginning of time. It is said that when you gift someone jewellery, you automatically add a sentimental value to it. A simple set of earings, rings or even necklace can work wonders as a Christmas gift.

6. Clothes
“I have enough clothes” said no person ever. Nobody can ever have enough clothes and nothing brings joy to one’s heart like receiving new clothes.  There are various stores that are offering great discounts on clothes, so make sure you get your hands on them.

7. Chocolates
Gifting Chocolates is a Christmas Tradition that has been going on for years. Add to the Christmas joy and festivity but gifting your near and dear ones chocolates.

8. Perfumes
Perfumes are hands down one of the best gifting options. It is something that can be gifted to anyone.

9.  Funky Gadgets  
Try something new this gifting season by gifting some funky gadgets. Whether you are gadget freaks or no, everybody loves to own funky gadgets that make life easier. Bluetooth speakers, Earphones, Headsets, etc work great as Christmas gifts.

10. Spa Vouchers
At the end of the day, what everyone wants is peace of mind. Nothing brings bliss to one’s mind like a relaxing spa session.  This Christmas, let your loved ones take a trip to tranquility by giving them spa vouchers.

11. Watches
Watches are a great style statement as well as make a great gifting option. Did you know? It is said that when you gift someone a watch, it symbolizes that you are grateful and truly value the time spent with them.  Gratitude plays a vital part in the gifting tradition, that’s what makes a watch one of the best gifts.

12. Cakes
What is Christmas without Christmas Cakes? Baking cakes during Christmas is a ritual in every home. If you haven’t had the time to bake cake, then there are various bakeries that specialize in Christmas Cakes.

13. Bags or Wallets
Bags or Wallets make a great gifting option for anyone. Plus, there are numerous options to choose from. You can either buy something that is vintage or something that has been trending.

14. Calendars
December is the last month of the year with only few days left for the new year to begin. Calendars make a great gifting idea for Christmas as well as New Year. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

15. Frames
Photographs freeze the moment and capture the memories that last a lifetime. Gifting a good photograph with a good frame can be a great Christmas Gift. It helps one in reminiscing about the memories in the photo and will always be a symbol of a great Christmas gift.

16. Make up
Ok, Sorry Boys, but this one is for the ladies. Make up always works as a great gift for girls. Every girl wants to look her best for Christmas and New year, and what better gift than Make up? While picking make up, make sure you pick the right brand and go for good quality make up.

17. Personalized Gifts
Go an extra mile this gifting season, but adding a personal touch to your Christmas Gifts. Personalized gifts like keychains, jewellery, pillow covers, etc have been trending. So, why not make the most of this trend that helps add a twist to the regular Christmas Gifts.

18. Wine Glasses
Your beautiful wine is incomplete, until you’ve poured it in the perfect wine glass. Wine Glasses make a great Christmas Gift because you can never have too much of wine or too many wine glasses. Plus, they also come in handy when guest are over.

19. Eyewear
Eyewear has become a rage in the recent years. Be it the sunglasses or the geeky look, great eyewear helps one make a striking statement. Let your loved ones make a striking statement by gifting them a great pair of eyewear.

20. Books

Go old school and gift your loved ones a great book to read.  Especially, with the New Year coming up post Christmas, a good book can help give a new perspective towards life. Plus, one can always use a book as it bestows you with knowledge and wisdom.

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