13 Reasons Why Hair Spa Is Your Hair’s BFF

Everybody needs a BFF. You can’t live without a BFF, so why leave your hair without a BFF? Hair Spa is not just another hair treatment, but it is THE HAIR TREATMENT. If you make Hair Spa your Hair’s BFF, then you’ll never have to ever put up with hair woes. Don’t believe us? Here are 13 reasons why hair spa is your hair’s BFF

1. Prevents a Bad Hair day
If a Bad Hair Day is your worst nightmare, then a Good Hair Day is a Day Dream. A Good Hair Spa is your Hair’s BFF that prevents it from foes like a bad hair day. So, the next you want to prevent a hair day, you know what you need to do.

2. Reduces Frizziness
Taming untamed manes is like a cardio itself. No Kidding! Ask a woman with frizzy manes and she’d agree in a second.  Regular spa sessions reduce frizziness greatly, soon making it a thing of the past.

3. Balances oil secretion
Too much of oil secretion can lead to oily scalp and too little of oil secretion can cause dry scalp. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance. Hair Spa strikes a balance in the oil secretion, which further helps maintain PH level of the scalp.

4. Reduces stress
The goodness of a hair spa isn’t restricted just to your tresses, the benefits go beyond. The relaxing massage during a hair spa can work wonders in reducing your stress level and can provide great mental relaxation.

5. Reduces Hair fall
“I don’t suffer from Hair fall” said no person ever. It is one of the most common hair problems faced by almost every second person. What’s your strongest weapon against Hair Fall? A Good Hair Spa. It helps in strengthening the roots, thereby reducing hair fall.

6. Reverses Hair Damage
Excessive use of chemical products and various hair treatments can damage your hair. Indulging in spa sessions regularly can help reverse hair damage gradually and bring back your good hair days.

7. Protects coloured hair
When you colour your hair there are a zillion things that you can do and cannot do. If there is one thing that you ought to swear by when you have coloured hair, then it is Hair Spa. A good hair spa helps in protecting your hair colour, thereby making it last longer.

8. Encourages Hair growth
According to hair experts, losing around 50 – 70 hair strands a day is normal. The problem arises when there is no hair growth to make up for the hair loss. A good Hair Spa helps in encouraging hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.

9. Cleanses and Detoxes your scalp
It isn’t news that just like your skin, your scalp also has pores. These pores tend to get clogged either due to excessive oil secretion or due to product build up. A hair spa helps unclog the pores and cleanses it deeply, while also deep conditioning it.

10. Adds volume
Your hair can never have too much volume. Hair Spa helps bring back life to your lifeless tresses, but uplifting it from the roots. So, if your hair lacks volume, a good hair spa has got your back.

11. Prevents Breakage
Hair Breakage is a result of brittle and damaged hair. You need to take care of your scalp from the root to tip, or else hair breakage is a given. A Hair Spa nourishes, conditions and strengthens your hair, thereby preventing breakage.

12. Fights Dandruff
If you want Dandruff free hair, then hair spa is the perfect way to go about it. If you have excessive dandruff, then regular hair spas are recommended as it not only eliminates dandruff, but also helps in preventing the reappearance of dandruff.

13. Deep conditions your hair
One of the best things that you can do to your hair is deep condition it. Hair Spa helps in deep conditioning your hair that helps make your hair look shiny and glossy.

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