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How To Make Waxing A Painless Affair

Yes! You read it right. It is possible to have a painless waxing session.The agony of unwanted body hair is something all women are familiar with. It is such a sore sight, not to mention it often ends up dictating our fashion choices. How many times have you avoided wearing a sleeveless outfit or a […]

7 Must Have Essentials In Your Gym Bag

You might have your gym look on point, but until you have your gym bag perfectly packed with all the essentials, you aren’t gym ready. There’s nothing worse than hitting the gym, only to have an “Uh-Oh” moment to realize that you have forgotten something at home. Therefore, make sure you have all the gym […]

How To Deep Clean Your Teeth

If we humans were like Turtles, the very mention of the word Dentist would get us in our shell within less than a second. That’s how much most people dread the very mention of Dentist. However, when dental woes show up the only option that one is left with is to surrender in the hands […]

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